Pagespeed Monitoring

Easily audit Google Lighthouse Pagespeed monitoring for your website to improve the speed and performance and keep users happy

Pagespeed monitoring helps you to monitor your website performance, SEO, best practices, accessibility and PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Performance is crucial for your website. With pagespeed monitoring, you can monitor how well your website performs in mobile and desktop devices.

Lighthouse Audit Scores

Based on the Google lighthouse score, you can track and keep history of the following which you can use to get insights.

  • Speed Index

  • Performance score

  • SEO score

  • PWA score

  • Accessibility score

  • Web Vitals

  • Load Time

  • Rendering Time

Monitoring Interval and conditions

You can set daily and weekly monitoring for pagespeed. You can also conditions for alerts. When the scores are less than the min score set in the conditions, alert is sent.

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